Fairway and AWI Honor a North Carolina Veteran

March 15, 2017 6:01 pm

17155407_1469451033104984_4865552700422627508_nThree Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation branches in Charlotte, NC, partnered with the American Warrior Initiative to honor a veteran with a monetary donation and a car. A residential housing “Boot Camp” was also held in collaboration with the event to train real estate professionals and mortgage planners on how to handle the home purchase needs of active duty and military veterans with excellence.

The honoree at the event was Lee Cahil. Lee is a U.S. Airforce veteran who suffers from PTSD, hearing loss and back injuries. Lee and his family were living in Sumter, SC, but lost their car and other belongings due to the 2015 flooding as a result of Hurricane Joaquin. After the flooding, Lee and his family moved to Charlotte, NC. Fairway and AWI were able to honor Lee with not only a check to go toward food and household items, but also surprise him with a car.

Over 300 real estate professionals attended this overwhelmingly successful event. Everyone was thrilled to be a part of such a special day for this veteran honoree. Branch Manager Jeff Gilmore couldn’t have been happier with the result of this event. He commented:

Partnering with the American Warrior Initiative, Louise Thaxton, Sean Parnell, and their team was so special. They have such an AMAZING impact on how to serve our veterans better, not just here but all over the country! And to be able to bless and serve a local veteran is very humbling! Loved this quote I heard yesterday and it’s so true – ‘You don’t have to be in uniform to know the GREATNESS of America!’” 

Branch Manager Matt Gray was thrilled to be able to be apart of this event! He said:

What an amazing event! We are blessed to have the AWI team coach our local Realtors on how to serve those who serve. Thank you to every business partner who had a part in selling a home, the clients who trusted their mortgage to us, and to every employee who worked on the loans. Because of all of us together, we were able to make a meaningful difference in the life of a very deserving veteran and his family!” 

Branch Manager Dan Coggins was honored to be able to help this deserving veteran. He stated:

When The American Warrior Initiative comes to town, lives are changed as a veteran is honored, their story is told, and they are given gifts of hope and respect. There are life-changing gifts given such as a service dog, business grant or much needed reliable car. The vet has the joy of knowing people care, that the sacrifices made were not in vain. That in itself is a reason to be proud and feel good about being part of such a fabulous event. As you move amongst the crowd [at the event], you hear the exchange of conversation, the chatter of voices clamoring, ‘How can we get involved? How can we do more? I have never been so moved.’ There is hope for change if we all just keep reminding ourselves [that] we need to be givers and not takers. Our time is short, so understand: we have a limited time to do the right things. Let’s be sure that when our days are done, we can rest easy, knowing in our hearts that we made a difference. We didn’t think about it, we acted upon it, lives were forever changed by our actions, not our hopes and pondered thoughts.”

Founded by Louise Thaxton and Sean Parnell, The American Warrior Initiative is a non-profit organization, sponsored by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, which seeks to ease the transition for U.S. veterans between military and civilian life.

I am proud to work for a company that does so much to honor those who sacrifice for our country. If I can help answer any questions about VA loans or any other home loan options, give me a call.