How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Real Estate Business

July 20, 2017 7:35 pm

twitter-businessWith over 325 million monthly active users, Twitter is a top social platform for business. Its dynamic and easy-to-use format makes it a great tool to build your real estate business by engaging and strengthening your relationships with clients, perspective customers, and business partners.

Best Practices for Posting

A good method to follow when trying to engage your followers is the 80/20 rule: only 20% of your content should be self-promotion, whereas 80% should be other interesting content for your users. Some great content ideas are:

  • Offer Tips about Staging and Moving: Post links to blogs you have written, other informative articles and videos on how to stage a home for better sales, or tips on how to make moving stress free. Be sure to include an image.
  • Share Positive Local News: Sharing news stories that speak to how safe, welcoming, unique or up-and-coming a neighborhood, town, or city is can be a smart way to show the benefits of living there – and how well you know it.
  • Use Hashtags: Using hashtags helps your tweets be seen by more than your followers. Use relevant and specific hashtags to be found by those looking for your subject matter. Good examples include:
    • Your town or city
    • Neighborhood or name of community
    • Concepts related to the tweet, such as #movingtips or #newhome
  • Pose Questions: Focus on asking questions that engage your followers and encourage a response. You can even use Twitter’s ‘Add Poll’ feature – it is free and anonymous, and there are four options for an answer. Ask questions such as:
    • What is the best thing about moving into a new home? #moving #newhome #yourcity
    • What does your ideal kitchen look like? #kitchens #newhome #kitchendesign
    • What features are most important in a master bath? #masterbath #bathroomdesign
  • Share Local Community Events and Causes: If you are involved with a local charity or non-profit organization, tweet about their local events and all of the good work they do. The non-profit will love it and it will show that you are connected to and care about your community.
  • Use Mentions to Keep in Touch: You can use Twitter to congratulate a client on purchasing their new home (include a photo of the happy clients or the beautiful home), or thank a business partner or vendor for assisting you in your business. For example, give a shout out to the clerk/business that helped you carry treats for your open house to your car.

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