Decorate Your Bathroom

February 15, 2017 6:45 pm

03C05901If you have been watching any home improvement shows lately, you know that there is a lot of excitement when it comes to the design and functionality of bathrooms. Many current bathroom trends are centered around technology to help make your bathroom feel more like a home spa. Here are some trendy tech features that will help you love your bathroom:

Chromotherapy showers and bathtubs – Color therapy LED lights can be installed in showers and bathtubs to create a tranquil light show that is sure to balance your energy. Chromotherapy, when combined with hydrotherapy, can create especially soothing effects. Learn more about chromotherapy here.

Built-in shower speakers – With these water-resistant and high-fidelity speakers built into your bathroom walls, you can sing in the shower to your heart’s content! These speakers even come in a variety of colors to match any design scheme.

Steam showers – An in-home steam room will transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa in no time. The warm steam will not only relax your mind, but also will also help open pores and relax muscles. Learn more about in-home steam showers here.

Towel warming drawers – Relax after a hot bath or shower by drying off with a warm towel. Towel warming drawers can be installed easily by converting an existing drawer in your bathroom. Learn more here.

Heated bathroom flooring – Wake up to warm floors rather than chilly bathroom tiles each morning. Heated bathroom flooring can be installed under the current flooring in your bathroom to eliminate the shock of cold floors. Read more here.

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