Replacing Windows to Save Money

September 29, 2015 7:22 pm

windowIf the windows in your home are more than 15 years old, it could be time to consider replacing them. Even if they seem to be functioning properly, there are several ways that old windows can be taking a toll on your wallet.

Many older windows are made of untreated, clear glass, which acts as an open door for UV rays. Just as these rays can be damaging to unprotected skin, they can also be damaging to the interior of your home. Over time, UV rays can cause carpet, artwork and window treatments to discolor and deteriorate. Replacing and repairing these things can be extremely costly.

Windows serve as insulators for your home. If the windows in your home are old, the sealants may not be able to keep warm and cool air in or out of your home. Aluminum was a commonly used outdated frame material that serves as a conductor of heat from the outside of your home. If you feel a different temperature when you are close to your windows, it is likely that they are doing very little to insulate your home, causing your energy bill to be much higher than necessary.

In addition to aged sealants causing drafts, they can also cause leaks within your home. Not only will leaks cause water damage on your windowsills and walls, but they can also attract insects. Having to exterminate insects or replace drywall due to water damage or mold can have a large impact on your wallet.

For more information on how replacing your windows can save money and conserve energy in your home, watch this video.