Smoke Alarm Safety for Your Home

August 1, 2017 9:33 am

Man fitting a smoke alarm

Having smoke alarms that are installed correctly, placed properly, and maintained regularly will protect your family in case of fire. Follow these steps to ensure that smoke detectors are operating well for maximum safety.

  1. Update or purchase smoke detectors – If the smoke detectors in your home are over ten years old (or if you do not have any), invest in new ones immediately. Research the different types of smoke detectors and alarms to find ones that best fit your needs. Follow this Best Smoke Alarms Buyer’s Guide  from Safewise for help with choosing a system.
  2. Decide how many detectors you need – At a minimum, you should have a smoke detector on each level of the home. It is also a good idea to install one inside each bedroom and outside of every sleeping space. When counting levels of your home, do not forget the attic, basement, and bonus rooms.
  3. Test the alarms – Once all smoke detectors have been installed, press the test button on each device to be sure that the alarms are working properly. This will help you and your family recognize the sound of the alarm, as well as provide an opportunity to discuss an evacuation plan should a fire occur. While some smoke detectors are self-testing, it is a good idea to manually test the alarms each month.
  4. Replace batteries – If your smoke detectors are not hard-wired in your home, be sure to change the batteries annually. To help you remember, choose a memorable date to change them, such as a holiday weekend. You could also set a reminder on your phone.
  5. Clean detectors – Dust that collects on your smoke detectors can affect their performance. Ensure that they are operating at maximum capacity by cleaning them annually. To clean the exterior, dust with a dry cloth. For the interior, remove the detector from the ceiling and clear any dust with a vacuum attachment or compressed air.

For more information on smoke detector safety, watch the video below:

Your safety and the safety of your family are important to me. Please consider me a resource for any questions that you may have.